Escape room Emporium it's an escape game whose victory consists precisely in being able to get out of the environment in which one finds oneself locked up in a pre-established time. This is the general definition which certainly does not exhaustively explain what can be found inside the Escape room Emporium.

Once the game has started, the participants (from a minimum of two to a maximum of six or eight) will find themselves having to collect clues to be able to solve the different puzzles and thus complete the experience. But don't think that it's a room where you have to solve crosswords or puzzle week-style rebuses, far from it! At least as far as the adventures planned by Emporium Escape are concerned.

At Emporium Escape room there are the "rooms" of Butcher Legacy and Suitcase of Dreams which consist of a series of environments that recreate the old shops, the first of the butcher and the second of the suitcase. The different environments are all places to explore in order to continue the story and complete the adventure.

We do not want to anticipate anything because the taste for discovery it is fully part of the gaming experience, however we would like to underline that, for both rooms, it is absolutely not a single environment but you will be able to discover all the settings when you decide to participate with your team.

Now we leave for you some advices to escape from the shops of Emporium Escape Room:

  • Once the game has started, you together with your team, read everything carefully what you will find written, remember that it is a game of logic and the various clues scattered have coherence with each other, only careful reading will help you understand where and when to use them and you will thus be able to save time throughout the game.
  • With your group of players you can share the tasks, the shops do not necessarily offer a sequential game and you can solve some situations even simultaneously.
  • Search well and everywhere, it will not be necessary to use force, dismantling furniture or climbing (actually all these actions are absolutely forbidden!) but the spirit of observation is essential to recover all the "objects" that will be useful during the game.
  • Always communicate with your team, as soon as you find something, when you read what you feel is an important clue; when time is running out collaboration is key.
  • If you have decided to visit Butcher Legacy we advise you to read the Lisa Diary inside Emporium Chronicles, this will help you immerse yourself even more in the story and be able to better understand some passages.
  • If you have booked for the Suitcase of Dreams visit the page dedicated to the reflections of Suitcase Maker where you will find interesting ideas to better experience its history.

Today there are many escape rooms in Milan and Lombardy, for all tastes we could say, but the beauty of an escape room lies precisely in the fact that it is always unique, both for how the group of players lives the experience both for the experience itself. An escape room offers you the opportunity to experience an adventure far from your daily life for an hour and which makes you the protagonist of your choices and deductions by testing your deductive and logical skills, in total safety.

Butcher Legacy and Suitcase of Dreams of Escape Room Emporium offer a series of puzzles, some truly innovative, always consistent with each other and with the setting you are in, the various game rooms have been designed in order for you to live the experience to the end. They are not easy to solve escape rooms but the number of aids will not be mandatory, everything will depend on how you and your group want to live the experience. If you are an expert you will be able to have the "classic" three aids available at your request, but if you are a beginner or in any case you are curious to see the end of the story you will be able to receive some more information that will allow you to proceed in the right direction. For us at Escape Room Emporium your enjoyment comes first and therefore we leave you free to choose how to spend the 60 minutes of time available to you to go out.

Butcher Legacy of Escape Room Emporium has an atmosphere horror but it's certainly playable even for the faint-hearted, there aren't completely dark environments and you can separate yourself from your fellow players in the various environments only if you deem it necessary to gain time.

Suitcase of Dreams by Escape Room Emporium has an atmosphere dreamlike, alternative, despite still being one of our shops, it's not scary but still contains a cursed object to recover.

When you decide to open an escape room there are many factors to think about, beyond the technological aspects, the choice of premises and the creation of the scenography, a fundamental point is the storytelling and the consequent coherence with the proposed puzzles. Starting from this premise and not turning to a franchise in the sector, we let ourselves be inspired by a classic of the horror genre, by the king of horror, the master Stephen King and specifically to his novel Needful things released in 1991.

Why exactly Needful things?

For various reasons we could say, first of all in this book thehorror has dropped into daily, if it is true that the epilogue calls into question supernatural forces, for most of the story the characters are moved by emotions that we all experience at least once in a lifetime and we are talking about emotions related to possession, loss, desires that make hostility and the deepest fears emerge…

Needful things digs deep into the human soul, making us wonder how far we would be willing to go, what limit could we overcome in order to see our wishes come true. For the characters in the book, the dependence on the object they finally obtained leads them to no longer consider family or friendship ties, leading them to crazy actions and forgetting the feelings that make them human.

We could therefore truly say that the monster is behind the house, which hides in each of us to the point of revealing itself as soon as the premises are created of being able to lose something precious and irreplaceable…

In the book Needful things there isn't one Butcher Legacy but at the emporium of Escape Room Emporium the village butcher has found an object that is truly precious to him which slowly drove him to madness, transforming him into a monster for his customers and his family.
The butcher must be stopped, the object must be recovered and secured so that it can do no more harm and the country can flourish as it deserves, after this breath of horror.

The Suitcases shop is not even present in the book Suitcase of Dreams but the poor suitcase maker, due to the curse of the object received, disappeared and already in the alley that leads to his shop one can still perceive the discomfort of those who were not happy in life and wanted something they got the wrong way.

We therefore ask you to help us stop this madness by recovering the cursed objects locked up in the shops of the Butcher Legacy and of Suitcase of Dreams.

Original adventures from Escape Room Emporium

Our Escape Room is a game suitable for those who think, communicate, observe and read, we don't have actors who will chase you around the room and the puzzles are an integral part of the scenography.

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