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The game lasts 60 minutes during which you will have to solve a series of puzzles, explore environments and collaborate with your group.


If you have any questions about the escape room please don't hesitate to contact us, meanwhile check out the most frequently asked questions:

Who can participate in Emporium Escape Room?
Anyone, in fact, no particular skills or previous knowledge are required. A group of friends, families, colleagues, stag or hen parties can participate… any team can complete the adventure successfully!

We do not recommend participation for those suffering from claustrophobia or those who are pregnant.

The visit to our shops involves a dynamic physical game for this reason unfortunately they are not accessible to those with reduced motor skills.

The staff reserves the right not to allow players who are evidently intoxicated by alcool or under the influence of drugs to participate.

Are there any age restrictions?
From 12 years and older it is possible to play independently, a version with simplified clues is foreseen for both of our escape rooms. The games will always be the same but displayed with greater clarity.

From 12 to 18 years of age, a responsible adult must fill out a waiver for each participant and an adult must remain on site during the game.

The youngest, aged 6 to 11, can only play in the company of adults.

What is the duration of escape room experience?
The escape room as a game has a duration of 60 minutes, before starting it takes about 15 minutes to fill out the release form, put down your personal items and attend the introduction to the game, in which the rules will be listed and the story will be explained. will see protagonist.

Once the 60 minutes of play are over, there will be a souvenir photo and an exchange of your impressions about the experience in the escape room. Therefore, consider about an hour and a half of permanence in the premises of the escape room.

Can I organize a party?
We do not have party venues available and it is not possible to consume food or drink inside, however if you book both rooms to play them one after the other, during the break of about half an hour it is possible to exchange gifts or celebrate with some surprise you want to bring.

It is also possible to find some extra items to give to whoever you want, which will be hidden by us inside the escape room, it will only be necessary to agree in advance and arrive at the venue a little before the appointment.

Bachelorette party in an escape room?
Among the fun activities for a hen or stag party there is certainly the escape room! We have had the pleasure of hosting several groups and the celebrated were enthusiastic, if you want to organize something special and have a surprise object found in one of our rooms, do not hesitate to contact us!

How difficult is it to get out of an Emporium Escape Room shop?
It depends on how close-knit the group is, manages to communicate and keeps a cool head. Collaboration between team members is the key to being able to escape in time!
Emporium Escape Room has the philosophy of making its participants complete the mission, to better appreciate the story and experience all the "wow" moments present in the shops.

If we see you in particular difficulty, especially in your first experiences, or if you ask them directly, you will be provided with help to better understand the clues and get you out of the impasse.

If you are a beginner, read the article Escape Room inside Emporium Chronicles.

Is playing Emporium Escape Room safe?
Of course, your safety comes first and the rooms are designed to that effect. In all Emporium Escape Room workshops there are emergency lights and panic buttons that will immediately stop the game in case of unforeseen situations.
Following the rules illustrated by the staff and those of common sense will guarantee you a total

Covid 19 - The Emporium Escape Room shops are sanitized after each mission and the outside air is exchanged in all the rooms.
An hour passes between one group and another, which guarantees thorough cleaning and the impossibility of coming into contact with external groups.
No actors or staff are expected to be present in the shops, so your group will be alone inside.

Why should I participate in Emporium Escape Room?
Because you like challenges, using logic, investigating the unknown.

Emporium Escape Room is a healthy and fun alternative to spend a pleasant hour in company and actively participate in the progress of a unique and original story.

The Emporium Escape Room workshops are highly technological and our philosophy is to contextualize every clue to the story and setting. You won't find a row of padlocks to open but mechanisms that will activate making you discover new challenges.

The Emporium Escape Room workshops aren't necessarily sequential, so if you're intrigued by putting the clues together, figuring out where and when to use them, this is the escape room for you.

Are there any movies or games similar to Emporium Escape Room?
Games in which you have to solve puzzles or collaborate with other players have always existed... just think of some very famous board games or as many successful video games/adventures, but in an escape room the game will be active and not around the table or in front of the console.

Emporium Escape Room was born from an original idea, freely inspired by the book "Precious things" by Stephen King, if you want to find out go to the Advice page under the heading "The inspiration of Emporium Escape Room

Is a special outfit required to play Emporium Escape Room?
Absolutely NOT, even if we recommend comfortable clothes and shoes which are certainly more suitable, remember that it will be necessary to act actively.

For Halloween, parties or other themed events it is also possible to participate in a mask, the important thing is that the chosen clothing does not excessively hinder movement.

What to do in an escape room?
The escape room is a collaborative game, the players, closed in the game environments, will have to search for clues and solve the puzzles present in order to be able to emerge victorious from the escape room within the sixty minutes of time available.

What NOT to do in an escape room?
The escape room is a game in which the use of force is not foreseen under any circumstances. To emerge victorious from an escape room it is necessary not to improvise, each puzzle present has one or more clues for the resolution: do not be stubborn, if a tried solution leads nowhere, you need to look for an alternative route; do not ask for help, help for solving a puzzle in the escape rooms is provided and is part of the game, if the situation does not clear up, it is better to get help and proceed with the adventure.


Emporium Escape is not a public venue and is open by appointment only.
For information you can read the faq or contact us directly by phone, WhatsApp and email.

  • Emporium Escape Room is in the northwest area of METROPOLITAN CITY OF MILAN Via Cavour, 60 – 20026 Novate Milanese
  • 5 minutes from Via Amoretti 1 Milan (Metropoli shopping center) 
    5 minutes from Via Rubicone 29 Milan (McDonald's)
  • MM Comasina + bus 89 + 15 minutes walk
    FN AFFORI + bus 89 + 15 minutes walk