The Emporium Escape Room Milano escape rooms were born with the idea of ​​letting you experience a first-person story, telling you what happened in this place and what you can do to make it better.

You must know that, some time ago, a mysterious and disturbing man in black opened an Emporium of Precious Things, able to grant any wish, but no one knew anything about him nor what was hidden behind his cursed objects.

You've been here before. Yes you have.
Sure, i never forget a face.

Come, come, shake my hand! I'll tell you, honestly, I recognized you by the way you were typing away before I even saw your face. You could not have chosen a better day to come back to see me…

You too, here, could you find what you've always desired but are you willing to pay the price?

As an old friend of mine, the owner of Butcher Legacy, he was so enraptured by a precious object in my store that I gave it to him, asking him in exchange for just a small favor…

Or as the owner of Suitcase of Dreams, what a sad life his… “If you want to kill a man, deprive him of his dream” I often repeated this maxim to him but I did much more, I saved him!

However, those objects have now had their day and now the time has come for someone to bring them back to their rightful owner...

Sure, it won't be easy but, believe me, someone has to do this dirty job... and I'm convinced, you are just the person i have been waiting for...

Escape Room




An escape room that will test your deduction and research skills.

Many objects to collect before arriving at a definitive solution, many environments to explore and play over and over again, the room is not completely sequential and you may find clues to use later.

If you love challenges with a pinch of horror, the Butcher Legacy will be able to satisfy you, the realistic setting is that of a splattered butcher's shop with a very particular fresh counter...



An escape room that will amaze you for its size, among the largest in Milan, and for its suggestive and original scenery.

The room is not completely linear and therefore offers, even for large groups, not to remain idle.

Lateral thinking, thinking a little outside the box will be tested here. You'll come across bizarre situations, you'll do things you've never done before, but after all, dreams are never predictable...