Emporium Escape Room Emporio apertoBut will the customer really have been warned before entering Emporium Escape? When you want something so much it is as if whoever is offering it to you knows it, has always known it…

Do you know mr. Leland Gaunt or mr. George Elvid or the mysterious man in black who gives a particular gift to a little girl? Of them wrote the great Stephen King, to the first he dedicated the book "Needful things" which was also made into a film around the nineties, to the second the story "The right extension" contained in the collection "Dark night, no stars", to the third a short novel, perhaps too short “Gwendy's Button Box”.

Here, as you know, Stephen King knows a lot and is often inspired by real facts and people known to him to characterize his characters, in short, everything makes me think that he really knew these people because the old owner of the Emporium is made of the same material…

I can't claim to have actually met him but when I went to the Emporio for the first time I understood that I had already been there in a certain sense, perhaps reading his books influenced me a bit but then I looked at the totally ruined country, they told me tragic events that happened in those places and the strange man in black who came and went without leaving a trace, I no longer had any doubts about what I was facing.

Not much remains of the old objects of the Emporium, some have been buried in the rubble and perhaps it would be better if they remained there but I managed to save others by giving them a new chance at life, I hope better than the past one. Others items they are still to retrieve because they are too powerful, too precious to risk falling into the wrong hands but to succeed in the enterprise I will need help, it would really take someone brave enough to embark on an adventure that could change his life forever.

I hope to find him as soon as possible to put an end to this diabolical curse that has transformed normal people into real monsters…

Emporium Escape Room InventarioBreathe and calm down... Breathe and calm down... Breathe...

Curse, years of study and preparation and still the proximity of these objects imbued with evil almost overwhelms me… suffocates me…

But at the same time, they emanate a call, a seduction that sticks to the soul, to resist as the hours go by is increasingly difficult, even after a lifetime spent studying and preparing for it.

Inventorying this bloody Emporium is really frustrating… News stories from the time contain fragmentary and misleading information and of course the man in black (despite everything, I'm not ready to call him by name yet) certainly left no records . Furthermore, it is impossible to stay in contact with these cursed goods for too long without falling victim to their curse in an irreversible way.

But I know that some of these evil items are missing and we MUST get them all back and secure them…

Discovering that the first artifact is hidden somewhere in the butcher shop above, has brought a fleeting sense of victory that has now given way to the frustration of not having recovered it yet.

Many come here to look for it, some attracted by the money we offer, some by the morbid attraction that those accursed objects still have today… they come, but they don't leave… they disappear into that dark shop… THE BUTCHER LEGACY, how ironic… and go to add to the ranks of damned souls already haunting this long-forgotten place.

But if God has left this village, certainly not something dark… it is always here, waiting. It permeates the streets, the houses... and of course the goods of this Emporium... An invisible and evil cloak, waiting for the return of someone... or something.

I repeat to myself that we are close to discovering something new and I mustn't give up…: I have to keep looking. But that's enough for today, I have to recover my lucidity and rest a bit.

Because other people have arrived at the Station and are coming here… to enter the Butcher's shop. I just pray they'll get out of it

Emporium Escape Room fantasmi e demoniGhosts, spectres, demons, apparitions and so on... they sure are scary... but can they be scared? Ghosts, ghosts, demons, apparitions and so on... they sure are scary... but can they be scared?

Weird thoughts to have as midnight approaches… But I'm tired, today's inventory and research have exhausted me. I have hardly had dinner, but a good glass of liqueur and a good tobacco in the pipe will calm my mind and nerves a little.

I look at my books and my gaze falls on some volumes that I have always found interesting, at least until recently…”Haunted places“, “Spectes and ghosts“, “Restless souls“… now they just make me smile, I consider them almost pathetic…

A strange thought crosses my mind... this country can now be considered infested by the living... us and those unfortunate people who come here to look for those accursed artifacts... who come, but never leave.

To call this place haunted is a mere understatement… A ghost hunter would even be disappointed that the presence of these damned souls is palpable. No mystery, no scientific instrument, no psychic ability: you can see them behind the windows, in the alleys of the town... wherever ghosts haunt this forgotten corner... everywhere, but not in the Emporium.

Because by now I have to accept an obvious conclusion: Ghost are afraid of the Emporium. An evil so wicked is rooted in here that it frightens even them… It keeps them anchored here, like an invisible cage. Like a burning candle it attracts midges, but if they dare to get too close they are destroyed by the flame.

It's the same thing and they know it... They orbit around this cursed Emporium, or more likely what's still inside. But they never enter. Despite all the talismans and rituals to imprison the darkness of these artifacts, evil exudes from them like a bad smell… I have spent my life studying all forms of magic, religion and pagan rites to seal, drive out and destroy evil… But sometimes I think these artifacts are just kidding me…that all the protections we have put in place are just a silly frame and that we have chosen to wait…probably for their creator to return.

Why anyway we are only men, while he…. no, I prefer not to think so, because the idea could shake the decision of the most imperishable of men… and I am certainly not that person.

But I'm sure of one thing: ghosts are scared of the Emporium, who wouldn't?


- Inside Rooms of Emporium Escape  there are still 2 cursed items that need to be recovered, we asked the ghosts to help us but they don't have enough courage…

Find the cursed items

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