Do you accept the challenge of solving all the mysteries of the Butcher Legacy? Many puzzles are hidden inside this escape room, with a pinch of horror thrill.




from 2 to 6




No one

Horrible things have happened in the Butcher's shop, but no one is a witness to it... no one ever comes back.

We know that a very powerful demonic object has caused the ruin of this family and of the entire country, it must be recovered as soon as possible to keep it in a safe place.

Do you feel like returning it to the owners of the Emporium?

We all have a wish. For Sure.
But what price are we willing to pay?

Bruno was a butcher like his father and like his grandfather, the Butcher Legacy passed from father to son for generations.

The butcher had only one desire, to bequeath it to his children but they had completely different plans.

Bruno thus turned to the Merchant of the Emporium who gave him an object capable of fulfilling his desire, making him feel at home, loved and pampered. Soon, however, the object revealed its true demonic nature driving him mad.

We don't know what object it is, but what we do know is that it must be recovered from the Butcher Legacy and secured at the Emporio where it will no longer be able to harm anyone.

Have you the nerve to go search this item?

To succeed you will have to solve incredible and engaging situations using intuition, logic and communication and only 60 minutes of time. Do you accept the challenge?

Premiata Macelleria



But you can customize your adventure based on the experience when booking!



You will play in the various environments of the Butcher Legacy and an extra game inside the Emporium.



It will be a bit physically demanding, you will do some movement, we recommend comfort.



Epileptics, pregnant women, those with motor difficulties due to the presence of a low passage.

Lisa Diary

If you want to know more about the Butcher Legacy, before playing the escape room, we recommend that you read the diary of Lisa, the butcher's daughter who had begun to have doubts about the Emporium merchant.
We have found some pages of his diary and we think they could be useful to recover the cursed object that is hidden in the Butcher Legacy.


Diario di Lisa - Premiata MacelleriaThe Butcher Legacy hasn't closed its doors even though we would have had every right to see what happened to our family, it's no secret, indeed it has been on everyone's lips in the town for some time, unfortunately...

Our father told us it would be better for everyone to keep working, carry on with normal life to avoid falling into depression, a pity that when your mother passes away you can't think of pretending nothing happened...

He didn't listen to reason, the Butcher Legacy opens every day.

It goes back and forth from cold room with new cuts of meat and me, I have to wash aprons on blood-smeared aprons, imbued with death and this only makes me think of the end, the end of everything.

Our father was never very sociable, in fact there was a mother who thought about maintaining relationships and managing the customers of the Butcher Legacy.

He has always limited himself to working and teaching my brother Diego the butcher trade, too bad Diego, has a completely different interest and as soon as he can he sets off on some journey to discover distant places.

His dream is to become a traveler on the hunt for some lost treasure.

Lately our father seems to have done friendship with a strange guy wandering around the village, I thought it was good but thatman dressed in black it doesn't inspire confidence in me at all… it seems that it will soon open an Emporium right under the Butcher Legacy.

Here in the village nobody knows him but those who have dealt with him say that he is a very kind person, who comes from afar and would like to start a new life right here…

Diario di Lisa - Premiata Macelleria retro bottegaThe back of the Butcher Legacy is my favorite place in the whole shop, it's not very big but I spend a lot of time there during breaks, sometimes write this diary sitting on my stuffed chair, other times I start listening to my favorite song that seems to have been written just for me: “Pretty Blue Eyes“.

Perhaps I like the back of the shop so much because I still feel the presence of my mother there, sometimes I imagine her intent on arranging the aprons or putting the mop back in the bucket after having cleaned the blood from some fresh cuts of meat, of course it doesn't seem like that a romantic vision, however, was what he did every day and often in my company. I try to keep his memory alive as long as I can since it's forbidden to talk about her at home, our father doesn't want to.

It's not easy for me even though luckily I have a good relationship with my brother Diego, as soon as he can in fact he comes to make sure I'm fine, we talk about my mother and the life we ​​had before but time is never enough, unfortunately it's often travel and we no longer have many opportunities to be together, this thing also infuriates our father because he would like us to carry on the family tradition and take over the Butcher Legacy together with him.

Then try not to have anything to do with me, maybe because I remind him of mom, since I have his same big blue eyes, when I look at him he looks down and if I ask him something he often replies with a grunt. He's not a bad dad but he's always been distant in a certain sense, he knew my mom was there to take care of me and so he never paid much attention to it, the important thing was to work and support the family, for the rest there was never time, it was never important.

I really wish our relationship would improve, to make each other stronger but I'm afraid it won't be like this, lately then he spends more and more free time with the man in black who will open the Emporium under the Butcher Legacy and I don't like this thing, as soon as possible I'll talk to my brother to find out what he thinks, for the moment I'm trying to stay away from him...

Diario di Lisa - premiata macelleriaDo you want to solve an riddle? Then you should talk to the king of riddles: my brother Diego!

When he has some free time, he enjoys reading various books by decryption, he do rebus, draw labyrinths, in short, I am convinced that he is half a genius even if he doesn't show it.

He often shows me what he studies and what he elaborates, he is convinced that in the future it could be useful to have an analytical mind capable of solving complex problems, what will there ever be to solve or to discover in the life we ​​are living here at the Butcher Legacy I really don't know but he perseveres in this thing.

I would certainly have more fun with some magic trick, or some spell and instead I have to put up with his explanations on the various still unsolved enigmas of history or of famous machines, such as Enigma of Turing which was used during the war to send coded messages.

He is interested in the various methods used by spies or secret societies in order not to divulge confidential information to everyone but to me they all seem like things bigger than us, even if to think that outside the Butcher Legacy there is such a vast world of meanings it is certainly something very fascinating…

With all his explanations, I sometimes imagine myself living an incredible adventure in which I participate in the discovery of a hidden treasure using only reasoning and deduction, solving codes that open secret passages inside a wonderful enchanted castle… who knows if sooner or later it doesn't really happen!

For the moment I have other concerns but to think about, I have to hope that one evening our father goes out to talk to my brother, we have the question pending on theman dressed in black from the emporium and I don't want to let too much time pass.

The other day I heard our neighbor talking to him telling her to be calm and that he would open the store as soon as possible and that he could give her “something” to ease her pain… She has been ill for some time, I don't know exactly what it is but mom sometimes came to her to help her with chores that she wasn't able to do because of the pain. What worried me was hearing the sound of his voice as he said to her: "at the general store you will find something that will make all your pains go away"... the S of "something" it had a strange sound, as if it had been the hiss of a snake that it froze my blood...

I saw him also talking to the local suitcase maker, he has a beautiful shop"Suitcase of Dreams“, I often pass in front of its window to see the suitcases and refresh myself with the fountain. One day, while I was sitting on the bench in the square, he sat next to me and we had a chat, he asked me what good dreams I had at night and I was surprised... he was right, despite having recently lost his mother, at night my dreams are not bad, on the contrary, I can't wait to go to sleep to escape reality a little and find myself in another world, where everything is possible…


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