Do you accept the challenge of solving all the mysteries of the Suitcase of Dreams? Many puzzles are hidden inside this escape room, the largest in Milan.




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TERPECA Top Escape Room Project Enthusiasts Choose Awards 2023 Nominee

TERPECA Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts' Choice Awards

The Suitcase of Dreams received 2023 enthusiasts' nomination!
Honoured to be among the 939 international escape rooms that have received this important award out of over 314.000 escape rooms worldwide.

From the alley that leads to the shop of the Suitcase of Dreams, dark shadows can still be heard wandering in the fog.

The other inhabitants have not gone there since the suitcase man disappeared.

Have you the nerve to go search this item?

Dreams are desires.
But this is just a children's song.

We all know dreams, good or bad, except for the village suitcases maker, he never dreamed...

A life like everyone else was precluded from him, in the end he just wanted to be normal and have that fantasy capable of making him escape from reality.

The new Emporium of Precious Things seems to sell solutions and grant answers every desire, so why not try to have a better life, a life like everyone else?

The Merchant of the Emporium was waiting for nothing else and offered him what he had always wanted: a special object to dream, dream and dream again.

But was accepting that cursed object the right choice?

valigia dei sogni



But you can customize your adventure based on the experience!



100 square meters of play space, one of the largest escape rooms in Milan.



You will have to move in different environments, we do not recommend stilettos!



Claustrophobic, pregnant women, those with motor difficulties.


The suitcase maker shut up in his shop there Suitcase of Dreams, was not satisfied with his life and needed help. He lets himself in on some confidences that could come in handy for you.


Let me introduce myself, I am the owner of the Suitcase of Dreams, an artisan workshop where, with great care, I pack suitcases for your unforgettable travels.

That said, let's talk about serious stuff.

Frankly, between ourselves, I have some doubts about the merchant who has recently moved to the village, here everyone calls him man dressed in black because of his clothing. For heaven's sake, he's a kind person, extremely kind... just too much.

Perhaps it will be the soul of the merchant that makes him so zealous towards potential new customers, but I still see something strange in him, a foreigner who comes from afar, who doesn't talk much about his past but who, paradoxically, has a familiarity with people and places as if he had always been here.

What is rumored around is that in his Emporium he sells objects of all kinds, not the usual junk found in flea markets, but real "jewels" at very low cost, needful things in short, but within everyone's reach.

Doesn't this seem strange to you? Maybe he just wants to make a good name and attract people from other places too or maybe he's hiding something that we don't know for the moment.

What is certain is that he passed by my shop and left me several suitcases to fix, some I can't even open them, I'll see what I can do... I don't lack customers, I'm the one who has lost interest in my shop and my work, maybe I'll go to the doctor to see if he can give me something to get back on track pace and finish at least all the orders that are piling up.

Work is getting more and more stressful lately I don't remember things.

For example, I know all the stitches of my sewing machine by heart, yet more and more frequently I have to consult her instruction manual to understand how to proceed, this thing alarms me, that I am no longer able to do my job?

Furthermore, between us, she also started making strange noises, as if she were alive and she didn't particularly like me, and I'm talking about the sewing machine!!! It's a tool, not a person, it can't laugh at me!

It is clear that I need help at this point… you must know that I have always had problems, I have always felt different, as if I was missing something, no one has been able to give me answers, no doctor I mean, and in the end I gave up to delve into the matter, continuing my life as usual. I studied to become a craftsman, I trained as an apprentice suitcase maker in other shops and in the end I fulfilled my "dream": to open my own shop!

"Dream", well, for me it is a word in common use, devoid of the meaning that all of you attribute to it, but perhaps it is not the case that I tell you about it, at least not now.

Do you remember that I told you that for me the word "dream" does not have the same meaning as for you? Perhaps the time has come to tell you something about it, maybe you will be able to help me get out of this difficult situation in which I find myself.

I have never been able to dream. Weird huh? But just never never ever. So I'm not normal, am I? Doctors always told me it wasn't a problem, that I probably didn't reach a certain stage of sleep where dreams are generated, or that I didn't wake up at the right time to remember them. It will be but, as far as I know, other people do it normally. Maybe they don't remember everything but dreams do!

But that's not all... besides not being able to dream at night, I'm not even able to daydream, I can't abstract from reality and imagine things, fantasize, see myself projected into the future or in another place that not my shop.

To fix it I tried a technique, I hung some dreamcatchers everywhere, obviously in the bedroom, but also in my shop where I work and even in the alley that houses the shop window and the entrance. Sometimes some children, while they go to freshen up at the fountain, they play with it and pluck my feathers… man, you have to be delicate with certain mysterious things!

In short, I try to use the dream catcher as an aid and we'll see if someone or something will respond to mine grido.

What is the disturb of Suitcase Maker?

Today's medicine defines this condition APHANTASIA indicating that neurological condition for which an individual is unable to visualize any mental image, as if the mind's eye were blind. With afantasia, not only the capacity for imagination is impaired, but also creativity, memory, or the act of dreaming.


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